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Lab Introduction

Internet of Things (IoT) Lab researches computing systems interacting with physical, real environments, considering in the Internet of Things, Vehicular Networks, Security, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and the Future Internet. The current research includes (i) Vehicular networking: MAC protocols, routing protocols, transport protocols, driving safety protocols. (ii) The support of the safe and efficient navigation services in transportation systems (e.g., road networks); (iii) The efficient protection of pedestrians, drivers, and passengers in transportation systems (e.g., road networks and subways) in emergency situations (e.g., accidents and disasters); (iv) SDN-based security services in NFV environments; (v) Indoor Positioning Service (IPS) based on smartphones for IoT devices; (vi) DNS name autoconfiguration of IoT devices; (vii) Security to make IoT more reliable and trustable under harsh conditions, such as IoT nodes' malfunction and adversaries' attacks.



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